David Kozma

David Kozma, a professional MMA fighter competing in Oktagon, the biggest Czech MMA organization, uses Petra Clinic's services for acne treatment and rehabilitation.

We help David on his journey to success using a new, modern form of rehabilitation - a radiofrequency wave which warms back and arm muscles. We also take care of his acne during a relaxing acne treatment procedure. Even professional athletes sometimes need to be cared for.

Jana Paulová

Jana Paulová met Petra Řehořková by chance during a sleep monitoring procedure and since then she has been visiting the clinic on a regular basis to rest during her hard work.

She fell in love with the cleansing cosmetic care, whose effect we intensify by combining different non-invasive methods of rejuvenation and encouraging the skin to create new collagen. She loves undergoing radiolifting, which reduces irregular and small fat layers on the patient's face and tightens up skin.

Michaela Kuklová

We helped the actress to remove the wrinkles between her eyebrows.

Misa Kuklova is a newcomer to the world of rejuvenation. She hears compliments about her young look according to her age every day and is commonly asked about the the recommendation in choosing the clinic she is most satisfied with. "Of course I am pleased to hear that I look young and the fact is that I haven't had any plactic procedures so far" - smiles Misa Kuklova. She had two wrinkles between her eyebrows. It was genetically given, and Misha seemed unnecessarily worried even if she wasn't. She leted us to fill them and is excited now! She doesn't mind other wrinkles, she would love to age as natural as possible. She now uses a so-called miostimulator that replaces a gym workout that she never enjoyed. "I tend to muscling, so I was getting weight in the gym, not losing it. That is different here: you're getting firmer and losing some centimeter in the treated area” - comments her new experience Misa.

Marek Vašut

The charismatic actor undergoes both aesthetic and rehabilitation procedures at Petra Clinic.

Marek Vašut regularly visits the clinic for skin treatments - we take care of the gentle skin on his face, which is of course stressed by the repeated application of movie make-up. In addition, as a great athlete, he undergoes several different rehabilitation procedures Petra Clinic offers. As a customer, he is kind, punctual and accurate. Those are one of the many reasons why working with him is a great honor for us.

Tomáš Magnusek

We have helped the Czech director with his long-term goal - weight loss.

Petra Clinic helps Tomas Magnusek solve a long-term problem with obesity. He underwent abdominal plastic surgery to remove a large mass of adipose tissue. He spent the subsequent rehabilitation at Petra Clinic under the supervision of Petra Rehorkova. She prescribed Tomáš a therapy of painless non-invasive liposuction and Fotona Tightsculpting treatment, thanks to which he lost over 70 kg in combination with the previous operation!

Angelika Kostyshynová

Miss Czech Republic 2020 runner-up's skin is taken care of by Petra Clinic.

Angelika Kostyshynová has been working as a model since she was twenty. She has participated in several beauty contests in the Czech Republic and abroad and always had success. She finished as a runner-up in the Miss Czech Republic 2020 contest, which she considers to be her greatest success in modeling, thanks to which she represents the Czech Republic at the Miss Supranational world contest. But in the end, Angelika - Angelika doesn't need our professional help that much due to her natural beauty.

SK Slavia Praha

Petra Clinic is the official partner of the Czech football league champions.

In 2020, we joined forces with one of the most popular football clubs in the Czech Republic. SK Slavia Prague players visit Petra Clinic mainly for rehabilitation services such as radiofrequency rehabilitation or focused shock wave. In addition to these procedures, they can also enjoy aesthetic medicine services for men or coaching under the baton of Jan Mühlfeit.


We take care of the MasterChef finalist's buttocks and thighs.

Ivka, Petra Clinic's ambassador regularly visits our clinic to have us help her with shaping her thighs and buttocks. The procedures we use for this treatment are painless radiofrequency liposuction and aesthetic shock wave.

"I love the environment, the people there and the homely and friendly atmosphere of this place. The only place where I can rest and switch off for at least half an hour. ”- Ivka speaks about her experiences from the Petr Clinic.

Martin Dejdar

We tend to this famous actor's face and body.

Martin Dejdar is one of our most frequent male customers. In our clinic, he has underwent laser removal of birthmarks on his back, rejuvenation of the face by microneedle radiofrequency technology, and even permanent epilation, which rid him of his excessive sweating problems. He has also tried our painless liposuction and ascertained its positive effects.

Vendula Pizingerová

In our clinic Vendula lets to relax her body and mind.

Wise people say, that a good soul inside a person is reflected in outward beauty. Vendula and her project Drop of Hope, which focuses on helping sick children, is a typical example. "Drop of Hope is dear to my heart and is my work. I believe that if one wants to achieve the best, time does not count" - says Vendula.

Eva Čížkovská

The number of celebrities using Petra Clinic services has grown yet again and now includes an actress from Discopříběh movie.

Eva Cizkovska's sexy curves are certainly enviable even three decades after she portrayed Ala the stripper in Discopříběh 2. She is more than able to take care of her own body, but she still takes advantage of painless liposuction and cellulite treatments at Petra Clinic. On top of their aesthetic utility the procedures help her relax and leave the stress of her everyday life behind.

Kateřina Cajthamlová

The nutritional advisor from the TV show "You Are What You Eat!" is also one of our colleagues at Petra Clinic.

We have celebrities even in our team. This famous expert on healthy lifestyle will examine you, together you'll go through your laboratory results. She will create your dietary menu and physical activities, and will coordinate you how to improve your lifestyle.

Mahulena Bočanová

We help this well-know actress to keep youth look with our anti-aging noninvasive methods.

Mahulena Bocanova is not a big fan of plastic surgeries, so she tries to slow down aging with the help of noninvasive methods, with which she doesn't need to worry about negative effects. We provide for her such procedures as face lifting, which not only improves her look, but also uprices her selfconfidence.

Josef Kůrka

The Man of the Year 2016 became the new ambassador of Petra Clinic.

Josef Kůrka often visits the clinic alongside his partner Bára Mottlová, who is also very much at home at Petra Clinic. Josef's hair gets a lot of damage due to frequent bleaching, which he remedies using hair mesotherapy, which promotes hair growth through the application of growth factors and stem cells. In addition to hair mesotherapy, Josef also indulges in rehabilitation using a shock wave or permanent epilation.

Matyáš Hložek

The Man of the Year 2017 competition winner is a shining example of what modern aesthetic medicine can offer to men.

Matyas Hlozek claims even men should take care of their visage regularly and he certainly does so. He visited Petra Clinic for the first time together with Martin Dejdar's HC Olymp hockey team and since then he has underwent several aesthetic treatments as well as regular rehabilitation after sport - especially biostimulation laser and focused shock wave.

Martin Zounar

Popular actor counts himself among Petra Clinic clients.

Martin Zounar first visited the clinic with a rather usual problem. He needed to get rid of a few extra kilograms, especially in the abdomen area. The solution was as clear as the problem itself - painless radiofrequency liposuction. In addition to solving weight problems Martin also visits the clinic to rest and distance himself from work-related issues. The calm atmosphere of the clinic and the company of Petra Řehořková provide him with perfect relaxation and stress relief.

Tereza Mátlová

We helped Tereza to brighten her tired-looking skin.

The musical theatre singer first visited our clinic almost at the last possible moment. Since she devotes her time fully to her work and especially to her daughter Emilka, Tereza struggled to find the time to care for herself. Everyday performances in theatres and concerts and the related make-up started to show on the quality of her skin, which began to show signs of tiredness. We helped Tereza to not only eliminate initial symptoms of acne, which she had never encountered in the past, but above all we showed here how to care for her skin regularly and effectively.

Dominika Býmová

Popular actress got rid of an unwanted tattoo with our help.

Dominika came to us as she wanted to remove a tattoo she no longer liked. Fortunately at Petra Clinic, we have a revolutionary device that once and for all closed this topic.

Dana Morávková

Dana Moravkova is the long-standing face of Petra Clinic.

Dana Moravkova represents our vision of the natural female beauty and we are very happy to have her on board. Despite the fact that she certainly doesn't need almost any beautification, she visits our clinic quite often, mostly for small dermatological procedures and permanent epilation. In Petra Clinic, according to her words, she especially appreciates ubiquitous professionalism, warm staff behavior and Petra Rehorkova's personality.

Milan Drobný

We help this famous singer to lose weight by using noninvasive liposuction methods.

Milan Drobny has been attending our clinic since the summer of 2017. We help him mainly with the reduction of abdomen subcutaneous fat by using painless radiofrequency liposuction. Over the time Milan dared to try another of our many procedures. According to him, he feels very cared for and well at the clinic and sees the results of the treatment on his posture.

Jana Doležalová

We help Miss Czech Republic 2004 with skin rejuvenation.

Miss Czech Republic 2004 and Master of Pharmacology, Jana Dolezalova frequently visits our clinic. She doesn't need to undergo any invasive procedures for her perfect body so she only uses non-invasive treatments such as rejuvenation and corrective dermatology. She has underwent calves epilation, microneedle radiofrequency and other anti-aging treatments.

Gábina Partyšová

We take care about youthful of Gabinas' look and solved her lack of sleep problem.

Gabina visits our clinic about twice a month. We regularly do the face skin rejuvenation with 4D lifting procedure and smooth out wrinkles, if needed, by applying filling materials.

Petra Janů

Apart from using the procedures the singer also buys products from our e-shop.

The singer, Petra Janu, is not a big fan of invasive procedures and we also think she doesn't need any. She has tried the shockwave treatment to keep her thighs in shape. She also uses our collagen gel for home care, which helps to prevent the creation of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.

Dominika Myslivcová

We regularly take care of the Dominikas' whole body.

The blogger Dominika Myslivcova is a regular customer at Petra Clinic. She underwent the shock wave treatment to reduce cellulite and she frequently lets us to take care of her skin by our dermatological procedures such as plasmalifting or diamond mircodermabrasion. She also periodically undergoes permanent epilation, so she doesn't waste time on shaving. Dominika uses the Petra Clinic brand skin care products for home care.

Kristina Kloubková

We regularly take care of this successful moderator's skin.

A female body undergoes many changes during pregagncy and not all of them, unfortunatelly, have a positive effect on it. Kristina Kloubkova knows that first hand. After she had a cesarean section done, Kristina decided to get professional help for her belly. We smoothed out her belly with painless liposuction. We've also provided her with cosmetic care to relax and please her face skin, which now she regularly enjoys.

Trio Divas

We treat these opera stars bodies and face skin.

The members of this opera trio regularly use our cosmetic care and body procedures. For example, Tereza Matlova really enjoys our cosmetic rituals with face and decolletage massages. The three singers also supported the "Drop of Hope" foundation. They were taking a part and singing on the charitative event at the roof of our clinic before Christmas in 2016.

Petr Janda

This rockstar visits Petra Clinic with his whole family.

The frontman of the band Olympic is a longlast customer at our clinic, where we tare care about his face skin, and help him to stay in shape. Petr regularly undergoes mesotherapy for better hair heath and growth, noninvase face lifting to smooth out wrinkles, the Vanquish liposuction for a painless belly fat reduction. Petr is always pleased with his visits in our clinic and he usually comes with his whole family.