Gábina Partyšová

Gabriela Partyšová

Popular Czech actor and presenter Gabriela Partyšová takes care of her body and mind truly responsibly. Even though she is very busy with work, during any given day she manages to do a lot of hard work to maintain her beauty. She exercises at least an hour every day, does yoga twice a week and regularly receives a massage, if time allows.

Among other things, Gabriela visits the Petra Clinic at least twice a month, where she is always cared for by a therapist and a doctor of corrective dermatology. "I use laser skin treatment as well as a sleep lab. The lab helped me a lot because I had big problems falling asleep. I did not have the peaceful and deep sleep I needed. Today I sleep great and I have balanced and lovely dreams. And of course, when a deeper wrinkle appears on my skin, Petra Clinic help me get rid of it," explains the presenter.

But there are areas of her body that are not to Gabriela's liking. "I don't like the dimples on my back thighs and butt. But I must say that they are not visible in good lighting, so the problem only appears in poor lighting," she admits with a laugh and adds: "I'm still quite annoyed that I don't have thick hair, it's so soft and childish." She is quite wary about the more invasive adjustments to her body however. She certainly wouldn't have her breasts remodeled, even though she thought about it during breastfeeding. But the idea of a foreign object in her body scares her.