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May 10, 2019

Get the preventive birthmarks examination with the help of newest diagnosing methods.

13th of May is the European Day of Melanoma, which recalls the importance of regularly checking not only dangerous-looking moles or birthmarks. At Petra Clinic we can help you with the prevention of skin cancer by two different methods.

During the birthmarks examination, the specialized FotoFinder dermatoscope maps different pigment formations and their changes over time. FotoFinder BodyScan maps the skin all over the body, it observes and automatically evaluates the birthmarks changes at each subsequent examination. This device has the possibility to detect the visible moles and the one we don't know about yet. The camera records mole images and magnifies them from 20 up to 70 times, which ensures a perfectly accurate diagnosis of potential hazards. By repeated examination we will be able to create the statistic of your skin condition development. It also reveals melanomas and changes in the skin that are not yet visible to the naked eye.

We also offer classic dermatoscope examinations. This helps us to diagnose the individual moles, to control their development and to assess the potential danger.