Acne Treatment and Acne Scars Treatment

Acne Treatment and Acne Scars Treatment

Facial acne treatment with the latest type of the laser is a very comfortable and effective procedure which also reduces active acne.

Reduces active acne and prevents new acne creation

Helps regain confidence

Completely painless and non-invasive treatment

The advantage of the treatment by the Fotona Laser in Petra Clinic is its very fast, painless and non-invasive application, after which the client experiences no redness, blisters and burns.

For a perfect result, we recommend an individual number of treatments during the span one or more weeks. Everything depends on the skin condition and is continuously adjusted to suit the client's needs.

Treatments are suitably combined with plasma lifting, microsphere radiofrequency, new types of lasers and other cosmetic methods of Petra Clinic, or even with treatment by our dermatologist. For home use, we recommend specially selected cosmetics from the Medik 8 and Petra Clinic range, individually chosen to suit the individual client's needs.


3.000 CZK