Aesthetic Shock Wave

Aesthetic Shock Wave

Shockwave is a modern non-invasive skin treatment method. During the treatment the skin gets firmed up and smoothed. As the result, you will see the slimming and overall improvement of tissue flexibility.

Firming sagging skin on different body parts

Supports the formation of new collagen

Completely painless

The advantage of the treatment is that it is completely painless, non-invasive and has no restrictions. Treatment leads to activation of new collagen and thus firming sagging skin. The procedure also leads to the slimming and to the strengthens the muscle tissue.

The shock wave is combined in Petra Clinic with radiolifting or radiolipolysis. The best suitable for you method will always be recommended by an expert during the personal consultation. For home care specially selected cosmetic products from Petra Clinic and Medik8 brands will be recommended to you.

Price from

3.500 CZK