AHA Effect Enzymatic Peeling

AHA Effect Enzymatic Peeling

AHA effect enzymatic peeling is a deep skin cleansing procedure. This treatment helps to remove the dead skin cells, minimise pores and treat acne, reduce pigment spots.

Allows the skin to regenerate effectively

Helps you get rid of acne and pigment spots, reduce pores

Completely painless

AHA effect facial peelings' biggest advantage is that it's a completely non-invasive, painless and highly effective treatment . Further more, AHA peeling has a very rapid action with immediate effect without skins' redness. The only limitation is the weekly solar absence and the three-day prohibition to visit the pool or sauna.

AHA peeling is suitable to combine with diamond abrasion, laser shower, hyaluronic acid LPG activation, radiolifting, botulotoxin and plazma applications. The exact and best combination will set the Petra Clinic expert after the personal consultation. For home care we recommend AHA acids for night, moisturizing creams by Medik 8 or Petra Clinic cosmetic series according to the skin type.

Price from

2.900 CZK