Champagne for your skin

Champagne for your skin

Pamper yourself with our hot new treatment - Champagne for Your Skin! It is a combination of two our most popular treatments that complement each other, give your skin extra nutrition and a sense of true luxury.

Smoothes and brightens your skin

Stimulates collagen production and reduces wrinkle formation

Completely painless and no recovery time needed

New in 2019! A combination of two extremely desirable procedures - Hollywood Peeling and Liquid Lifting. Combining those two luxury treatments creates a highly effective weapon to combat aging. Hollywood peeling perfectly smooths the skin and the cocktail from the hyaluronic acid, stem cells and vitamins firms it, ensures its hydratation and minimizes fine wrinkles.

The treatment is very fast and requires no recovery.

In addition, you will receive a special charcoal mask from us.

Price from

22.000 CZK