Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive treatment aimed at reducing subcutaneous fat.

Effectively reduces subcutaneous fat with a long-term effect

Appropriate for a wide range of body problematic areas

Completely painless

The advantage of the treatment is the completely non-invasive and painless method by which the adipose tissue is reduced. We use the latest medical devices at Petra Clinic. The result of the fat cells removal by cryolipolysis has long lasting effect. The treatment is repeated according to the amount of adipose tissue and according to the client's needs.

Cryolipolysis proceeds as follows: firstly the skin fold with problematic fatty tissue will be sucked into a special device, than it is heated up to 37°C and after that it is cooled down to -5°C and even to -10°C. Then we let our clients to relax for an hour. At the end, the better blood circulation will be stimulated with the help of vibrating platform. The body will discard the released fat itself.

We combine cryolipolysis in Petra Clinic with radiolipolysis, shock wave and Injection lipolysis. An expert from Petra Clinic will suggest you the products from Petra Clinic and Medik8 brands for a home care according to your needs.


10.000 CZK

Further treatment

8.000 CZK