Strengthen your muscles without exercising with the revolutionary BTL EMSCULPT.

Completely pain and recovery free

Reliably builds muscle mass

Also suitable as a support for active exercise

The EMSCULPT treatment is based on non-invasive HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, which induces 22,000 muscle contractions during one 30-minute treatment. It works in a focused, isolated manner and, moreover, at an intensity that cannot be achieved with conventional exercise. However, the treatment is not painful, you will only feel the intense stimulation of the muscle in question.

EMSCULPT does not, of course, put any strain on the back muscles, joints or spine. In addition, unlike normal exercise, it does not load the muscle with lactic acid, which in combination with physical training increases its effectiveness. It is used by active athletes as supportive training, people on a reduction diet and training to build abdominal muscles, or mothers after childbirth to strengthen damaged muscles. Visible result, which is ensured by just 1 treatment, is noticeable just a few days after the procedure and gradually becomes even more pronounced over the next few weeks. For a truly breathtaking result, we usually recommend 2 or more treatments, with the specific number suggested by the clinic's expert team after a professional consultation. After 4 treatments you can expect a result that can be compared to three months of fitness training.

Make a change and shape your body in one month!


od 9 000 Kč