Fotofinder Birthmarks Examination and Control

Fotofinder Birthmarks Examination and Control

We are the first in the Czech Republic to offer the most effective method by now for the skin cancer prevention - FotoFinder BodyScan digital dermatoscope. FotoFinder diagnosis pigmented formations - birthmarks, it maps and monitors their changes which helps to protect and to minimise the risk of skin cancer development.

Finds dangerous birthmarks all over the body before they can be even seen

Controls birthmarks development over the time

Very fast treatment - examination takes only 3 minutes

According to surveys, up to 72% of melanomas develop from the healthy looking skin rather than from the visible moles. FotoFinder BodyScan maps the skin all over the body, it observes and automatically evaluates the birthmarks changes at each subsequent examination. This device has the possibility to detect the visible moles and the one we don't know about yet. The camera records mole images and magnifies them from 20 up to 70 times, which ensures a perfectly accurate diagnosis of potential hazards. The examination should ideally take place once a year.

FotoFinder diagnosis risk birthmarks. Than the dermatologist evaluates the findings and recommends another appropriate treatment or preventive procedure.


2.500 CZK