INbody 770

INbody 770

Do you want to change your lifestyle? Lose weight? Gain some weight? Get muscle? Consult with InBody 770!

You'll learn loads of data about your body

You'll find out if your efforts to lose or to gain weight are effective

We'll advise you on how to deal with the new knowledge

The InBody 770 is the perfect tool for better understanding your own body. It will give you complete diagnosis and measurement, such as:

the amount of water in your body

the adipose tissue



and, of course, your weight.The InBody 770 will calculate your BMI and WHR and measure the separate circuitry of various parts of the body.

InBody is an invaluable aid in determining the effectiveness in losing / getting weight, menus adjusting, increasing physical activity. In a few minutes we can find out:

if the person eats regularly

if the muscle tissue weight goes up or down

if the fat reduces and muscle mass increases

In the fight against obesity or in atempts to start doing some sport, tracking results on InBody 770 is very motivating and it won't happen that your new lifestyle will last only a few weeks. Diagnostics takes only a moment, it is really very easy.


2.500 CZK