Intimate Area Rejuvenation for Women

Intimate Area Rejuvenation for Women

Laser vaginal rejuvenation in Petra Clinic is a patented non-invasive procedure based on nonablative photothermal stimulation of collagen neogenesis. This leads to shrinkage and strengthening of the vaginal mucosa tissue and the collagen-rich lining of the pelvis. As a result we will get greater bladder support, significant strengthening and narrowing of the vagina, better vaginal mucosa moisturizing.

Ensures better sex life for both partners

Prevents unwanted leakage of urine

Reduces the risk of the urinary tract infections and inflammation

The main advantage is the absence of cuts. The procedure is virtually painless, without ablation, bleeding or sewing. Recovery is very fast and without the need for analgesics or antibiotics. The treatment takes about 20 minutes and you can catch it during the lunch break. It can not be performed during pregnancy, menstruation or gynecological and urinary tract infectious diseases.

We combaine the rejuvenation of intimate areas with permanent laser epilation, hyaluronic acid lifting or photorejuvenation. For home care we recommend special rejuvenating shower gels and sera for intimate parts.


12.500 CZK

Further treatment

10.000 CZK