Intraoral lifting

Intraoral lifting

Intraoral laser lifting is unique especially because it does not hurt at all and takes only about 5 minutes. The mucous membranes of the cheeks, the upper palate, the lips inner lining and the lips themselves will be highly strengthened. The client can eat and drink without any discomfort. Thanks to laser radiation, the mucosa collagen structures are restored and the "inner" environment of the oral cavity and face is strengthened.

Firming mucous membranes and allowing the restoration of collagen structures

Completely painless procedure

Lightning treatments, it takes only 5 minutes

This procedure lifts the face contours, it is applied 1 - 3 times a year as needed.

Amazing is the combination of this procedure with liquid lifting, plasmalifting or face resurfacing. An expert from Petra Clinic will suggest you the products from Petra Clinic and Medik8 brands for a home care according to your needs and based on a personal consultation.


5.900 CZK