Laser Mask

Laser Mask (Laser Shower)

The laser mask serves for the skin deep cleansing, its regeneration and natural renewal of the tissue. It helps to reduce the enlarged pores and to start the skin new cells formation.

Helps to get rid of scars, acne and eczema

Cleanses the skin and allows new cells to grow

Restores the skin and helps to start metabolic processes

Completely painless

Thanks to the facial laser mask we can reduce scars, acne, eczema symptoms and, at the same time, remove deep skin imperfections.

The advantage of facial laser mask in Petra Clinic is that it's a perfect painless skin treatment with fast application; it has the function of metabolic processes restoration and intensive care with clear results. Some types of treatments can be provided throughout the whole year, so you do not have to give up a regular care.

We combine this treatment with almost all facial rejuvenation procedures because it is an important addition to luxury anti-aging care. After the personal consultation an expert sets the exact combination of procedures especially for you. For home care we recommend the cosmetic products from Medik8 and Petra Clinic brands, according to individual consultation and after the skin type evaluation.


1.500 CZK