Liquid thread lift

Liquid thread lift

Liquid threads will very reliably lift the face contours of virtually any part of it.

Effectively lifts the face contours with a long-lasting effect

Painless treatment

Does not require the convalescence

It is a modern type of non-surgical anti-aging treatment. It lifts the skin of the face, neck, or even of the decolletage. With this type of lifting we can solve such kind of problems as drooping lips corners, sagging jaws contours or droopy eyes area.

Liquid thread lift is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 30 mins. It does not hurt, only a slight pressure is felt at the treated area. As it's no need for recovery the patients are able to return to their normal routine at the same day. Only in exceptional cases some bruises might appear. The effect is visible immediately after the treatment. The results of the liquid thread lift will generally last from 2 to 5. It depends from the type and condition of the patients skin and the problematic area itself.

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Price from

30.000 CZK