Luxury Instrumental Cosmetic Rituals

Luxury Instrumental Cosmetic Rituals (LPG)

Cosmetic rituals provide a very effective cleansing and anti-aging skin care that restores the skin to a healthy, fresh and beautiful look.

Brings a youthful look, silkness and elasticity for the skin

The result is immediately visible

The treatment is very pleasant and relaxing

Our instrumental rituals represent the regular and complete cosmetic care for the face and the body and give the skin brightness, softness and elasticity. The combination of vacuum and abrasive diamond bits ensures an effective skin cleansing process from the out and inside. The advantage of the treatment is an immediate result. The recommended frequency is 2-5 weeks.

Instrumental rituals are suitable virtually for any body part. It works great for the back of the hand rejuvenation, for example.

We often combine this procedure with liquid lifting, plasmasaling, laser lifting or micro-needle radiofrequency. For home care we recommend the cosmetic products from Medik8 and Petra Clinic brands, according to individual consultation and after the skin type evaluation.

Price from

2.900 CZK