Mesotherapy is a special dermatological treatment where the cocktail of rejuvenating substances, hyaluronic acid, plasma and vitamins is injected into the subcutaneous tissue by a micro-needle. The amount and composition of the cocktail will be determined by the doctor in consultation with the client.

Effectively reduces wrinkles

Removes circles under the eyes and lifts the face contours

Immediate effect

The treatment takes about 40 minutes, it is only slightly painful. After the application we do not recommend to apply makeup for the rest of the day, to visit the pool or sauna for two days. The advantage of the treatment is that the result is immediately visible. The effect is even more compounded in the next two weeks and beyond. Depending on the skin type, the physician determines the number of necessary treatments and the amount of applied substance.

We combine the mesotherapy with PetraClinic lifting, cosmetic procedures and application of botulotoxin. For home care the special cosmetic products will be recommended bz an expert.


10.000 CZK