Microneedle Radiogrequency

Microneedle Radiogrequency

Microneedle radiofrequency rejuvenates the skin quickly and efficiently, triggering natural collagen formation. It makes the skin smooth and tighten.

Starts the natural collagen formation

Quickly and effectively rejuvenates the skin

Can be applied to the most body parts

The advantage of microneedle radiofrequency treatment is the possibility to perform it all year round. The benefit is visible skin rejuvenation, significant reduction of acne and acne scars, enlarged pores and wrinkles. This treatment can also be used to reduce stretch marks on virtually all body parts.

The treatment is carried out by a special device with a head, which has microneedles in it. They penetrate under the skin and heat energy flows into the subcutaneous tissue. This energy heats up the collagen and elastin fibers. Fibers are instantly stretched by the thermal energy supply, which is why the lifting effect and skin rejuvenation are caused. In addition, microneedle radiofrequency triggers the new collagen formation, causing a long lasting effect.

Microneedle radiofrequency can be combined with thrombocytes plasminalting, liquid lifting, laser mask, photorejuvenation and other treatments after the consultation with Petra Clinic expert. The products from Petra Clinic and Medik8 brands for a home care will be recommended.

Price from

13.000 CZK