Painless Radiofrequency Liposuction

Painless Radiofrequency Liposuction

Vanquish and others radiofrequency methods are a patented belly liposuction technology. Quickly, safely and painlessly it removes subcutaneous fat from the abdomen and other problem areas.

One of the most effective methods of subcutaneous fat reduction

Revolutionary fat-dissolution technology without surgery

Completely painless

Radiofrequency liposuction treatment is painless, no anesthesia is required. The subcutaneous fat reduction is done with the VanquishTM and other devices, which can directly target problem areas.

The revolutionary method of painless liposuction has also been approved by the USA Administration of Food and Drug Control, so you can definatly rely on the safety and effectiveness of the Vanquish treatment. Study with excellent results additionally was implemented at the Czech Technical University.

Price from

4.500 CZK