Permanent epilation

Permanent epilation

Dream about the body without unwanted hair in summer? Yes, it is possible! With special lasers we can also reduce hair even in summer. For the best effect treatment should be repeated every 7-14 days to slow down hair growth. We do not epilate tanned skin, but you can still make it before your holiday! Epilation does not hurt at Petra Clinic and it is very fast. Hair should not be shaved or torn 3 to 4 days before treatment.

Effectively removes hairs on any part of the body

Repeated treatment removes hairs forever

The hairs do not grow-in to the skin and do not form sores

Laser epilation is suitable for hair removal anywhere on the body. Laser hair removal is also suitable for men who want to get rid of their hair, for example, on the back or chest. The advantage of the treatment is that the hairs do not grow-in to the skin, do not form sores or "goose bumps". Laser removes unwanted hair fast and the treatment is suitable for large areas. After repeated treatment you will get rid of unpleasant hair for a long time or even forever.

Permanent hair removal is performed by newest devices and modern lasers at Petra Clinic. To achieve the highest possible effect we recommend our clients to repeat the epilation at least five times, every 7-21 days. The total number of treatments depends on age, sex, body part and other factors (PHARMACEUTICAL, FOOD SUPPLEMENTS).

Then it is appropriate not to tear the hairs of, just trim or lightly shave it. Epilation takes from 20 minutes to less than an hour, depending on the selected body part.

An expert from Petra Clinic will suggest you the products from Petra Clinic and Medik8 brands for a home.

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