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Summer sun again provokes a sagging of the face contours. Radiolifting is the perfect solution for both men and women! Firms the skin, strongly activates collagen and irons the cheeks fat stores. Moreover, it is completely painless. We recommend to complete all three procedures within one month - your skin will take care of the rest of work in the next few months.

Activates new collagen formation

Reduces small fat layers

Completely painless

The procedure reduces irregular and small fat layers (chubby cheeks, double chin). The treatment is completely painless, non-invasive and has no restrictions. It repeats according to the client's needs and requirements.

Radiolifting is suitable to combine with diamond microdermabrasion, LPG system, laser mask and photorejuvenation. Moreover, series of radiolifting treatments greatly extends the result of existing and subsequent fillers applications. An expert from Petra Clinic will suggest you the products from Petra Clinic and Medik8 brands for a home care according to your needs.


10.000 CZK