Reduction of red veins and pigment spots

Reduction of red veins and pigment spots

Reduction of red veins, spider naevus and pigment spots is done by a modern non-invasive type of laser.

Rejuvenates the skin by removing red veins and spots

Immediately visible results

Completely painless

The advantage of the treatment is its fast, almost painless application and short appointment time. The treatment can not be performed if the client gets frequent sun exposure. After the treatment skin should be protected from the sunlight for 6 weeks. The treatment is fast and the veins turn white, so they are no longer visible. In case of the deeper veins, we recommend our clients to repeat the treatment at Petra Clinic 2-3 times, each month apart. Consequently, we will recommend a special ointment and care to make the healing faster but also to prevent the formation of new veines.

We will individually recommend the number of treatments and cosmetic care for home use from the Medik8 and Petra Clinic brands.

Price from

1.500 CZK