Reduction of stretch marks

Reduction of stretch marks

We use various procedures to fight against the stretch marks in Petra Clinic, which can quickly and effectively contract and reduce them, initiate the natural recovery and collagen formation to make the skin smooth and tighten.

Effectively contracts and reduces the stretch marks

Starts the natural collagen production process

100% risk-free and no negative reactions

Stretch marks can be reduced by several different procedures. The best decision, suited to solve your problems, will be recommended during a personal consultation.

Stretch marks reduction can be suitably combined, after the Petra Clinic expert suggestions, with enriched thrombocytes plasma lifting, cryolipolysis and injection lipolysis. For home care we recommend specially selected cosmetic from Medik8 and Petra Clinic brands for cellulite reduction and skin firming, especially Hemp Milk, Red lipored, Anti-cellulite Gel.

Price from

9.500 CZK