Removal of fibromas, warts and growths

Removal of fibromas, warts and growths

Removal of skin growths, warts and fibromas is done by a physician under local anesthesia. It usually takes no longer than a week to get the complete birthmarks diagnosis and removal treatment.

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Effective removal of warts and fibromas

Quick service - it is possible to remove warts within one week after making the appointment

Every 10th person has suffered from warts. Some of them disappear without any treatment, others trouble us during long months. Warts are benign skin neoplasm caused by viral infection of papillomavirus HPV. Virus is direct-contact contagious and can penetrate into the dermis, for example through the small injuries. Warts have an individual incubation period which can be from several weeks to several years. Thus, a person can transmit warts without having any.

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1.500 CZK