Removal of frecles and birthmarks

Removal of frecles and birthmarks

If you are troubled by an aesthetically unsatisfactory birthmark or freckle, there's no problem getting rid of it forever. Almost painless thanks to the latest technology.

Consultation with an expert

Very effective removal procedure

Quick service - it is possible to get the removal treatment within one week after making the appointment

Removal of moles and freckles is done by a doctor-dermatologist, surgical or by laser. The most appropriate method of removal is decided by the doctor. The procedure and duration of treatment depends on the chosen technology.

Besides the birthmarks and freckles removal we also strongly recommend their preventive examination. At Petra Clinic we offer the nowadays most effective method of the skin cancer prevention - FotoFinder BodyScan digital dermatoscope. It diagnoses pigmentary features, maps their changes and controls the risk of skin cancer. Take your health into your own hands.

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1.500 CZK