Snoring Treatment

Snoring Treatment

Relief from snoring and let yourself and your partner to enjoy a restful sleep.

Effectively removes snoring problems

No prior monitoring and any patient restriction

The treatment is completely painless

Snoring treatment at Petra Clinic is provided in two options:

One of them is a laser procedure with a local anesthetic to correct the anatomic cause of snoring by trimming the soft palate. A complete snoring treatment consists of three to five sessions, each three weeks apart. It is not necessary to monitor the client before treating the soft palate. It is sufficient if the patient knows that he/she is snoring and if the doctor will determine that the treatment is appropriate for you during the examination.

The second option is the nasal mucosa reducing by using a radiofrequency device. The treatment is fast, provided with local anesthesia and doesn't require any recovery period.

Price from

9.500 CZK