The permanent Make-Up Removal

The permanent Make-Up Removal

Are you uncomfortable with your tattoos at work or it embarrasses you in your relationship? You just don't like it anymore? PicoPlus laser removes it effectively and quickly.

The most effective method of permanent make-up removal

Faster than common methods

No scars or irritation

As the only Clinic in the Czech Republic we use the innovative PicoPlus laser, which ensures 100% removal of the permanent make-up. Unlike common tattoo removal lasers that emit pulses of nanoseconds, the PicoPlus laser works on ultra-short 450 pulseseconds. It adds more energy to the skin at shorter intervals, making it less stressfull for the tissue at the site of action. The result is a fragmentation of the pigment into smaller pieces. The body's immune system now is able to remove them quickly. So you don't have to worry about burns or scars.

During the personal consultation we will explain the entire treatment process and assess how many sessions are needed for the complete permanent make-up removement. The treatment is slightly painful, but it does not hurt more than the application itself.

Price from

5.000 CZK