The Team

Petra Řehořková

Founder of the clinic of aesthetic and laser medicine Petra Clinic.

Petra Rehorkova is one of the most sought after experts in aesthetic care and non-surgical problem parts shaping. Since 2018, she has been a forensic expert in cosmetic services. She has many years of experience in the fields of rehabilitation, healthcare, reconvalescence, and she is constantly keeping up with the newest trends and breakthroughs.

Theodora-Eleni Asimiadou

Senior consultant of Petra Clinic, specialist of the corrective dermatology.

Dr.Theodora-Eleni Asimiadou is a true magician specializing in a younger appearance. Dr.Asimiadou is an internationally known, board certified specialist of dermatovenerology.

Klaudia Halová Karoliová

Specialist in diabetology, endocrinology and obesitology

MUDr. Klaudia Halova Karoliova is a certified physician in the field of internal medicine, diabetology and endocrinology. She has long been involved in the prevention, diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of obesity as a major component of the metabolic syndrome, which contributes to increasing cardiovascular risk and shortening our lives. Obesity causes problems, but at Petra Clinic we can solve them.

Jolana Svatošová

Operations Director, professional therapist.

Jolana has been part of the Petra Clinic team since its beginning. She has helped with the creation of the first branch in Odolena Voda, and with the relocation to the faculty hospital Na Bulovce, then with the move to the arcade Lucerna and finally to acrade Svetozor, where we are currently located. Thanks to her many years of experience and technological specialization she works as a consultant for manufacturers of modern non-invasive medical technologies from all around the world.

Jan Mühlfeit

Global Strategist.

Jan is global strategist, coach top executives, olympic games winners, mentor and author of bestseller The Positive Leader (Pearson 2016). His personal mission: “I help individuals, organizations and countries around the world to unlock their human potential”. Jan has proven record in building successful teams and organizations in his almost 22 years long career in Microsoft, where he served in different executive positions. In his last role (2007—2014) he was as Chairman Europe, Microsoft Corporation.

Kateřina Cajthamlová

Nutrition advisor, psychotherapist, physiotherapist.

Dr. Katerina Cajthamlova is an internist and psychotherapist, promotes the healthy lifestyle. She is the star of the TV show "JTCJ" (You are what you eat) and 'A Doctor". She is an author of a numberless articles in popular and professional journals.

Petr Havlíček

Expert on healthy lifestyle, overweight and obesity.

Obesity has become an epidemy of modern society. What's most dangerous about that? Why are more and more people overeat and do not move enough? How to change it? Petr Havlicek, healthy lifestyle specialist knows the right replies.

Kamila Vilímková

Makeup artist

Kamila Vilimkova is a professional make-up artist who can make a magic make-up for every woman. She is one of the best in the Czech Republic and her services are also used by many celebrities.