David Hecl

Ing. David Hecl

Professional consultant, commercial pilot

David Hecl works at Petra Clinic as a professional consultant in the field of leadership, communication and decision-making processes. To book an appointment with him, please contact us at recepce@petraclinic.cz.

David Hecl first became a commercial aircraft captain in 2001, when he piloted for Czech Airlines. During his career at CSA, he held the position of quality manager for flight crew training and then the position of deputy chief pilot and pilot-instructor at B737.

In 2009, he joined Emirates Airline, where over time he became the first Czech pilot on the world's largest aircraft, the Airbus A380. At Emirates Airline, he worked as an instructor on the A380. He taught pilots from all over the world to fly on it. After leaving Emirates Airline in 2018, he flew until the "stoppage" of air traffic around the world as a captain on the Airbus A380 at Korean Air, based in Seoul. He thus became the first Czech captain on an Airbus A380 in two global companies, Emirates Airline and Korean Air. After returning to the Czech Republic, he returned to his instructor career on "small" aircraft, teaching and consulting.

Over the last 25 years, he has had many opportunities to gain a wide range of aviation and management experience at the local and international level and looks forward to sharing them.