Petr Havlíček

Ing. Petr Havlíček

Expert on healthy lifestyle, overweight and obesity.

Obesity has become an epidemy of modern society. What's most dangerous about that? Why are more and more people overeat and do not move enough? How to change it? Petr Havlicek, healthy lifestyle specialist knows the right replies.

Petr Havlicek graduated from the Agricultural University in Brno, Food Technology specialization. He upgrades his own studies of the latest scientific knowledge about nutrition and closely watches nutritional trends in the world, especially in the US and Canada.

He began his career as a nutrition consultant for top athletes. His services were used by, for example, Olympic winner and world champion in cross-country skiing Katerina Neumannova; three times world champion and world record holder in athletic decathlon Tomas Dvorak; his rival and successor, Olympic winner, world champion and world record holder Roman Sebrle.

Today he is also popular among the general public fighting with overweight and obesity. As a nutrition specialist he is leading the TV reality shows "You Are What You Eat" and the "Weight Loss Battle", which are regularly broadcast by Prima TV.

He also acts as a Nutrend consultant who is the official supplier of food supplements to the Czech Olympic Committee but primarily supplies the world market with healthy nutricion. It belongs to the top in this field, and therefore the diet with this brand is consumed not only by top competitors but also by those who does sport only recreationally.

"I am a happy person, I do a job that I enjoy", - sums up his current hectic career, Petr Havlíček.