Petra Řehořková

Master Petra Řehořková, MBA, LL.M.

Founder of the clinic of aesthetic and laser medicine Petra Clinic.

Petra Rehorkova is one of the most sought after experts in aesthetic care and non-surgical problem parts shaping. Since 2018, she has been a forensic expert in cosmetic services. She has many years of experience in the fields of rehabilitation, healthcare, reconvalescence, and she is constantly keeping up with the newest trends and breakthroughs. Master Rehorkova is also the author of many programs and procedures aimed at reducing weight, healthy nutrition, aesthetics and beauty. Thanks to the practice in areas of nutrition and weight loss as well as in the area of human psychology, she also offers a high quality wellness coach services.

Mrs. Rehorkova is a certified nurse with special accreditations. Furthermore, she graduated from the Academy of Physical Education and Sport Palestra, Department of Wellness Practitioner. She also graduated the MBA program with a large number of completed certified courses in the field of health.

As a part of her profession, she is a frequent guest on the TV shows and discussions. Because of her rhetorical skills she moderates various social events and activities. She also appeared in several Czech films and serials.

Thanks to her diligence, Petra Clinic became the finalist of the competition "Company of the Year" in 2016.

Mrs. Rehorkova is married and together with her husband raises three sons.