Veronika’s Transformation

Veronika’s Transformation

The professional facial cleaning was provided to free and beautiful mommy.

According to her own words, single mother Veronika has never been very lucky in her life. Even so, she won the competition on Facebook as a participant of another transformation.

The transformations’ theme this time was the face rejuvenation. Veronika has been struggling with her skin mainly after she gave birth to her child. Many other mothers are noticing the significant skin deterioration in this situation.

We started with Plazmalifting, which revitalized Veronika’s skin by using her own blood and its regenerative abilities. Then the laser acne treatment procedure took place. We treated the eye area and post-acne scars with the help of hyaluronic acid applications. The next and final step was the botulotoxin application to the forehead and eye area, which smooth out the wrinkles for a long time.

She left the clinic in the enthusiastic mood and much higher self-confidence thanks to her skin improvement.